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Olivia Harwood (she/her) (b. 1999, San Diego) lives in Portland, Oregon where she recently graduated from Pacific Northwest College of Art. Harwood, raised in Wisconsin, takes much inspiration from her current environment, previous surroundings and childhood upbringing. She touches on subjects of intimacy, trauma, and traditions. Her recent work explores soft, unsettling and detailed imagery of objects, collections and acquiring personal possessions.


Our memories of past experiences are always influencing us. They constantly change our opinions and choices. I intend to show specific memories by incorporating objects, figures and landscapes conveyed by patterns, fields of color and detail oriented moments. These memories do not necessarily need to connect because the connection is how each one is individual to its own. Detailed rendering is a way to show these specific moments as close as possible to how I remember them, but by conveying them in a more graphic and segmented style, they are not as clear. I explore the relationships between present life choices and the impact our past has on them. 


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